Day Three – Scott Remington

The third day of Convention began with a Eucharist and resounding sermon from Bishop Michael B. Curry, of North Carolina.  I encourage you to take the time to watch Bishop Curry’s sermon.  You may see a video of the sermon by accessing the following link:

Legislative Committees continue to meet early in the morning and late into the evening.  Deputy Currie (Vice Chair -Structure) and Deputy Quittmeyer (Secretary-Program, Budget & Finance) are working extremely long hours on these committees.  Their hard work will continue coming to the floor of the House of Deputies in the coming days.  Your thoughts and prayers for these two delegates are particularly encouraged.

There were two legislative sessions.  The highlights from these sessions were:


Vincent C. Currie Jr., was re-elected to a six-year term as a Trustee of the Church Pension Fund on the first ballot.  We are pleased and proud for Vince.


The House of Deputies approved a resolution which amended the Canon 2, Section 3(a) & (b) eliminating the requirement that a Presiding Bishop resign from his/her position as Bishop Diocesan upon election as Presiding Bishop.  This resolution will now go before the House of Bishops for consideration.

A variety of additional resolutions relating to education, funding, ministry, and liturgy were passed by the House of Deputies.  These resolutions will now move on to the House of Bishops.  For a complete list of the actions taken during the legislative sessions may be accessed on the general Convention website at the following link:

Closing Remarks:

The most talked about issue at the Convention is the potential changes to the structure of the Church.  The Structure Committee will meet again tonight to review initial drafts of  a proposed resolution to address the structure issue.  There is a group of Bishops and Deputies that feel the existing structure of the church is too cumbersome, too expensive, and therefore we must “imagine” a new more “nimble” system of governance.  A resolution addressing the structure of the Church is forthcoming from the Structure Committee.  You can follow the evolution of resolutions in Committees through the General Convention website: If you are for more insight or inside-baseball, spend some time on Steve Pankey’s blog:

Additionally, tonight there will be public hearings on the draft budget before the Program, Budget and Finance Committee and separate public hearings on the proposed Liturgical Resources for Same-Gender Blessings  by the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music.  Those matters will come before the General Convention in the coming days.  Please pray for your deputation as it considers these and other issues.

If you have specific questions, comments, or concerns you would like your Deputation to be aware of, please feel free to respond through this blog or directly by email to individual deputies.

Thanks for taking time to read this summary and God’s Speed.



About Steve Pankey

A disciple, husband, dad, and priest who struggles to keep it all in the right order. Thankfully God, my wife, and the Church are all forgiving. This is my personal blog, not the opinion of The Episcopal Church or Christ Church in Bowling Green.
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