Day One Thoughts – Lynn Ferren

I am Lynn Ferren, Alternate Lay Deputy, from St. Patrick’s, Panama City. This is my first time at General Convention. I hope to share some observations as a “First Timer”. I am here with the Rev. Julia Phillips who is the Priest at ST. Patrick’s and a good friend.

The first day of The 77th General Convention is almost over and I learned several things. I learned that it takes almost twenty-one hours to fly from Panama City to Indianapolis when it rains in Atlanta. I learned that the Blue Book of Reports to the Convention is really pink and heavy and full of very interesting information. Then when you register at Convention you get another large notebook of resolutions to read before the real work of the Convention begins. I found out that Julia knows many people at Convention and they know her and greet her as an old friend. I am having a great time meeting some of her many friends and making new friends of my own.

Tonight at the Church Periodical Club Banquet, we learned first hand from some of the Bishops whose congregations have received help from CPC, in the form of much needed books for all ages, just how wonderful and important that work is to people all over the world. At our table there were people from Utah, Rhode Island, Kansas, and Florida. lt was a fantastic time to meet new friends and share ideas as we learned about the good work the CPC does. A wonderful moment came at the end of the banquet when the voices of the many people came together each in his or her own language to sing of Joy and Peace. My hope is that the whole Convention will find the same Joy and Peace.


About Steve Pankey

A disciple, husband, dad, and priest who struggles to keep it all in the right order. Thankfully God, my wife, and the Church are all forgiving. This is my personal blog, not the opinion of The Episcopal Church or Christ Church in Bowling Green.
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