Day One – Martha Kreamer+

Paul and I arrived in Indianapolis early, in order for Paul to help with registration, while I toured the exhibit hall. We enjoy this incredible, amazing phenomenon that is General Convention, and we are so grateful for the passion and hard work that goes into it. But it is a busy time! I’ll try to give you some idea of the way our days flow!

The House of Deputies [HoD] was called to order at 8:00 AM on July 5th, with the bow-tied, ever colorfully-clad Canon Gregory Straub being re-elected by acclamation, followed by a standing ovation. The Very Rev. H. Scott Kirby was elected to fill the post of Vice President for the duration of this convention, replacing his predecessor, who was elected bishop and could therefore no longer serve in the HoD.

In attendance today were some 816 deputies. Your CGC deputation was seated front and center, 2nd from the podium, which offered an up-close-and-personal view of the very busy desk, with some 10 staff people handing the details of keeping the agenda flowing, timekeeping, counting votes, networking, translating, informing the media, running the video on two large screens (for those deputations who were not seated so close to the front as we are) and recording the business accomplished. Luke Jernigan, recently ordained in our own diocese, was seated on the dais as assistant recording secretary.

Once the house was organized, canonical procedures called for two representatives from each house to inform the other house that we were organized and ready for business. President Bonnie Anderson appointed CGC deputy Vince Currie to perform this honored task, following which we were duly greeted by the Bishops.

A bi-lingual Spanish and English Eucharist was held afterwards, with trumpets, trombone, and euphonium, and impeccable soloists enhancing the sound of 1000 + voices, lifted in the glorious praise of God.

Legislative committee hearings were held after lunch, and the day’s business then dispatched in the afternoon session, from 4:30-6:30 pm. Two resolutions were passed that called for funds which are not in the current proposed budget: C100 was a restoration of $300, fund the Episcopal Youth Event [EYE.] Several youth spoke eloquently in favor of this funding as both an evangelism opportunity and a leadership training tool.

The second [A073] called for $1,000,000. To establish grants to dioceses to establish Mission Enterprise Zones. Both resolutions must also pass the House of Bishops in order to be adopted.

At 6:30 PM most of the deputies gathered to process the day in the bishop’s suite, before dispersing to legislative committee meetings at 7:30. The business of the day was over at 9:30 pm. Please keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours! Blessings, Martha+

PS In case you missed yesterday’s inspirational opening address by the Presiding Bishop, I recommend reading it. Here is the link:


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A disciple, husband, dad, and priest who struggles to keep it all in the right order. Thankfully God, my wife, and the Church are all forgiving. This is my personal blog, not the opinion of The Episcopal Church or Christ Church in Bowling Green.
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